Y-Wing Starfighter

Y-Wing Starfighter (side)

image credit: Nino Satria

First featured in the Battle of Yavin, the BTL Y-Wing Starfighter played an important–though supporting–role in destroying the Death Star. But for some reason, it seemed to be overshadowed by the somewhat faster X-Wing and the unexpected Millennium Falcon.

Y-Wing Starfighter (back)

complete with ion engines, laser cannons, sensor arrays, and a reluctant astromech droid

Y-Wing Starfighter (front)

staring down the barrel of a gun(ship)

Y-Wing Starfighter (top)

interestingly, the Aurabesh alphabet doesn't even have the letter 'y'

Y-Wing Starfighter (engine)

'This is Gold Leader, standing by.'


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