2014 in Review

I’d like to take a second and recap this past year. Of course, I started this blog exactly one year ago, so this is really a recap of the entire project so far.

  • I started a blog! I started building these creations several years ago, with no overall plan. But this year I made it official, started organizing things, and shared it with the community. I also created a Flickr page to store my pictures, and post other Lego creations.
  • So far I’ve posted 38 creations: 29 vehicles, 8 additional droids, and 1 additional creature.
  • I’ve decided to try and create all droids and creatures from the six movies as well. Some of them act as vehicles (creatures especially), so I was going to do them anyway. Sure, it’s more work, and it will take a lot longer, but I wouldn’t have started this project if I were concerned about either of those things.
  • I bought five more Plo Koon Starfighter sets, mostly on eBay. I owned one originally, but realized I could use a few more for building and showing. And my wife bought me a seventh for my birthday!
  • I joined the fantastic Lincoln and Omaha Lego Users Group (LOLUG) and displayed my creations at three of our shows. It’s been really great to join a like-minded community, who all enjoy Lego as much as I do. Plus the shows have really encouraged me to keep going with this project–adults think it’s clever, kids think they look cool, and some of them even tell me that they’re going to build other things out of their own Plo Koon Starfighter at home. One kid even wrote down my blog URL so that he could look it up when he got home. It’s moments like those that keep me convinced I’ve got a good thing going. I look forward to many more shows in the future!
  • The Star Wars universe was abuzz this year. First Disney declared that everything outside of the movies and Clone Wars is non-canon, and then announced a new movie set after the Return of the Jedi, and then J.J. Abrams stepped in. His film, The Force Awakens, comes out next year! I’m pretty pumped about it–the trailer looks real, vibrant, and fantastic. Who knows–maybe I’ll even recreate the vehicles from that movie when it comes out!


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