May the Fourth 2015

HobbyTown 2015 (remix)

This past weekend we had another Lego show at our local HobbyTown, with a Star Wars theme this time. I displayed one Plo Koon creation from each movie, including an AT-RT and an A-Wing Starfighter (both coming soon!). I also displayed my steampunk Torrent again, the Dagobah scene where Luke’s X-Wing sinks, the Millennium Falcon scene from the Lego Movie, and some chibi Guardians of the Galaxy ships. Some other highlights included several UCS astromechs, an Eiffel Tower, a massive U-boat, Pokemon, a monster scene, and several Star Wars ships in the style of superheroes. Excelsior!

HobbyTown 2015 (Falcon)

**spoiler alert--Batman leaves his friends on the Sea Cow for the Millennium Falcon

HobbyTown 2015 (Guardians)

somethin' good, somethin' bad, a little tiny bit of both

HobbyTown 2015 (Dagobah)

can you spot the mysterious green Jedi Master?

HobbyTown 2015 (display)

where else can you see a Death Star and a State Capitol together?


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