2016 in Review

2016 Plo Koon compilation

*not shown to scale

Even though 2016 as a whole was widely regarded as simply the worst by many people, this project went amazingly–I posted more than I had the past two years (not combined though). Here are some highlights from Year 3:

  • This year I posted 46 times involving 59 creations: 22 vehicles,  16 additional droids, 16 additional creatures, 3 weapons, and 2 structures. My 100th post was Slave I.
  • Our Lincoln and Omaha Lego Users Group (LOLUG) continued to grow exponentially. One of our stand-alone shows brought in thousands of people. Other shows gave us a lot of visibility in front of new fan groups. 
  • I only attended two shows due to a lot of traveling this year:  the 80th anniversary of the Homestead National Monument, and the Omaha Comic Con. The highlight was the chance to show actor Sean Gunn my Guardians of the Galaxy MOCs. He loved them!
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a fantastic adventure in the Star Wars universe. It brought wonderful depth to the Rebellion, new exploration into the Empire, and a satisfying explanation of the Death Star. I loved the characters, the locations, and the sheer scale of it all. After some deliberation, I decided not to include this stand-alone film in the Plo Koon Remix project, simply because I have so many other things to build. But that doesn’t meant I didn’t like the vehicles–in fact, I built a huge steampunk U-Wing even before the movie came out. 
2016 in Review

The Matrix bullet-time scene, a good old-fashioned barn-raisin', the Homestead National Monument, Anakin Skywalker, and of course a steampunk U-Wing from Rogue One


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