Aldar Beedo’s Podracer

Aldar Beedo's Podracer (top)

image credit: Alexander

The Glymphid hitman Aldar Beedo deftly maneuvered his Manta RamAir Mark IV Flat-Twin Turbojet podracer (what a mouthful) between canyon walls. He finished third in the Boonta Eve, grateful just to have survived.

Aldar Beedo's Podracer (race)

wide enough to intake a womp rat

Aldar Beedo's Podracer (side)

wide, flat engines

Aldar Beedo's Podracer (pod)

not a pawed racer

Aldar Beedo's Podracer (back)

'Aldar Beedo, it is you! It is you!'


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