Gian Speeder

Naboo’s V-19 Gian landspeeder was a beefed-up, turbocharged cousin of the Seraph-class flash speeder. It sported three blasters, a surrounding windshield, and two half-hidden turbines. Advertisements

First Order Snowspeeder

The snowtroopers of the First Order rode Light Infantry Utility Vehicles around their frozen Starkiller Base. However, they didn’t have many opportunities to use them before the snow was gone…

V-35 Courier

The Lars family’s V-35 courier just sat in their garage, unused, unloved, collecting dust. Meanwhile Luke chose the faster X-34 for everything from grocery runs to finding runaway droids.

Flash Speeder

The Royal Naboo Security Forces used Seraph-class landspeeders, also known as flash speeders, to keep the peace in urban areas. They were put to a different use, however, when the Trade Federation unexpectedly invaded.

Luke’s Landspeeder

Luke Skywalker’s trusty X-34 landspeeder carried him across the desert to Ben Kenobi and back, and then finally ended up in Mos Eisley before he sold it. Had he driven to Tosche Station instead, the fate of the galaxy would have been very different.