Luke Skywalker isolated himself on the abandoned islands of Ahch-To–or so he thought. It turns out they were inhabited by cute little birds called porgs. Advertisements


Citizens of the galaxy loved competitions in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, Outlander Club denizens even bet on races between small flightless birds called odupiendos.


Pikobi dwelled in the swamps of Naboo, eating anything they could get their little hands on. Their quick legs came in handy when escaping the Trade Federation forces.


The thick-skulled steelpecker was another one of Jakku’s creatures you went out of your way to avoid. It was fiercely dedicated to destroying anything shiny.


Amongst Mos Eisley’s many denizens, the scurrier was considered the lowest of the low. These antlered rats dug through garbage, spread disease, and had a terribly unspecific name.