Nebraska Brick Days 2018

Held in a grand exhibit hall, Nebraska Brick Days was our largest solo show yet, with over 5000 people showing up to see fantastic creations from LOLUG, Daniel Siskind, Rocco Butlierre, and artists from Kansas City, Illinois, and Arkansas. My Plo Koon, superhero, science, cyberpunk, and curling creations were dwarfed alongside trains, dragons, ToonTown, and…

Nebraska Brick Days 2017

We’ve done many shows before, but this was the first time we rented out a dedicated space specifically for a Lego extravaganza. In addition to exhibits (along with Kansas City and Iowa builders), we also had competitions, raffles, and several activities for kids.

Lauritzen Gardens 2017

10,000 visitors. Two days. 29 members. My first time at our annual show at the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens was fantastic. I lost my voice showing off some new speeder bikes, movie scenes, steampunk, and of course Plo Koon ships.

SAC Museum 2017

The First LEGO League, CEEN-BOT, and other robotics competitions are held every year at the Strategic Air Command museum. We showed our non-robotic Legos amidst colossal aircraft and hordes of super smart kids.

The LEGO Batman Movie 2017

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema invited us to show our creations in conjunction with The LEGO Batman Movie. Our dimly-lit displays enthralled several families on their way to the movie, as well as several couples on their way to Fifty Shades Darker.