Improving upon earlier walker designs, the All-Terrain MegaCaliber Six was a beast to behold. It featured a host of laser cannons and bombs, as well as its eponymous turbolaser. Advertisements


The Republic’s HAVw A6 Juggernaut was everything its name implied. It was a massive, hefty, ten-wheeled armored tank that could roll through/over anything.

TIE Shuttle

The TIE/sh VIP shuttle was based on the popular starfighter, but had no weapons or dogfighting capabilities. It was designed as merely a short-term shuttle between capital ships.

TIE Bomber

The TIE/sa bomber was a beastly modification to TIE Advanced x1. In addition to the curved solar panels, it featured a large bomb bay next to the cockpit.


The All-Terrain Armored Transport struck fear into the hearts of its enemies. Its thick armor, deadly laser cannons, and towering appearance gave off an impression of absolute authority, and with good reason.