Luke Skywalker isolated himself on the abandoned islands of Ahch-To–or so he thought. It turns out they were inhabited by cute little birds called porgs. Advertisements

Nebraska Brick Days 2017

We’ve done many shows before, but this was the first time we rented out a dedicated space specifically for a Lego extravaganza. In addition to exhibits (along with Kansas City and Iowa builders), we also had competitions, raffles, and several activities for kids.

Interrogation Droids

The IT-O and its successor IT-000 were designed with one twisted purpose in mind: to torture subjects to the breaking point. They used drugs, needles, electricity, and more to get the truth.

Gian Speeder

Naboo’s V-19 Gian landspeeder was a beefed-up, turbocharged cousin of the Seraph-class flash speeder. It sported three blasters, a surrounding windshield, and two half-hidden turbines.