Gian Speeder

Naboo’s V-19 Gian landspeeder was a beefed-up, turbocharged cousin of the Seraph-class flash speeder. It sported three blasters, a surrounding windshield, and two half-hidden turbines.


Pikobi dwelled in the swamps of Naboo, eating anything they could get their little hands on. Their quick legs came in handy when escaping the Trade Federation forces.

Aldar Beedo’s Podracer

The Glymphid hitman Aldar Beedo deftly maneuvered his Manta RamAir Mark IV Flat-Twin Turbojet podracer (what a mouthful) between canyon walls. He finished third in the Boonta Eve, grateful just to have survived.

Gozanti Cruiser

The Gallofree Yards Gozanti cruiser was a heavily armored (and sometimes heavily armed) ship used by officials and pirates alike. One ship, the Krayt’s Honor, protected merchants from privateers around Mos Espa.