Diamond-class Cruiser

During the Battle of Geonosis, the Commerce Guild contributed by…leaving. Their Diamond-class cruisers fled the battle after depositing their cargo of spider droids. Advertisements


Citizens of the galaxy loved competitions in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, Outlander Club denizens even bet on races between small flightless birds called odupiendos.

Window Droids

INS-444 window installation droids and CLE-004 window cleaning droids often worked side-by-side on various projects. With its numerous skyscrapers, Coruscant had trillions of windows, all waiting to be broken or smudged. 

Power Chair

Some people have short legs. Some people get their legs cut off by Sand People. Whether you’re Yoda or Cliegg Lars, a power chair gives you the mobility and confidence you need to get around.