Zuckuss and the protocol droid 4-LOM were the best of friends. They traveled the galaxy hunting their quarry–Zuckuss with his mystical findsman ability and 4-LOM with cold, hard logic. Advertisements


Luke Skywalker carried his personal trainer Yoda through the swamps of Dagobah in a backpack. At the exact same time, Chewbacca carried a disheveled C-3PO around Bespin–a highly dignified mode of travel.


One of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy was IG-88B and his copies. Armed with a glistening array of blasters and explosives, it could hunt down nearly any prey–except Han Solo.

Bacta Tank

In the case of serious injuries, a miraculous healing gel called bacta was prescribed. Luke Skywalker healed in a bacta tank after his traumatic yeti/frostbite/ghost encounter.